My Chiropractic Story

A Natural Alternative!!
I was referred to Dr. Jacob by BLN.  I came in because of whiplash caused by a recent car accident.  My life has been greatly enhanced because of my regular check-ups; I have less pain and more mobility.  I fear that I would have been addicted to prescription drugs for my pain without Dr. Jacob.  I greatly appreciate a natural alternative to prescription medicines.  I like the accommodating and caring atmosphere of the office.  Whenever I hear someone with a body ache I recommend making an appointment at Bullock Family Chiropractic.  I adore the natural alternative to medicines and being pain free.
                                                                   Pamela G.

I Am A New Person!!
I heard of Bullock Family Chiropractic through a friend.  I was glad to be informed because I had currently been suffering from back pain for five years.  I am like a new person since starting.  I had just started living with the pain on a daily basis and did not realize how bad it was until it was gone.  I would have completely stopped exercising without chiropractic care.  I probably would have spent a ton of money on searching for a remedy from my pain.  I am glad that for the rest of my life I will be able to keep up with my kids and play with them.  I appreciate the fact that Dr. Bullock sincerely cares about my health.  I absolutely recommend chiropractic care to others.
                                                                     Tracey Q.

Allergies Gone!!
I came to Dr. Bullock’s office because of allergy problems and a pinched nerve in my neck.  Since starting I have had no allergy problems and my pinch nerve went away.  In the future, I would see my health declining without chiropractic.  I am enjoying my amazing results and I plan on coming regularly.  I advise others to come to this office because of the encouraging staff.  I have experience nothing but positive benefits from Bullock Family Chiropractic.
                                                                          Susannah L.

Back to Living Again!!
When I first came in to Bullock Family Chiropractic I was having low back pain.  My back problems started after a car accident 15 years ago, but the pain came later.  The pain was very intense especially after standing up.  The pain was getting worse with time.  My back started getting better after a month or 2.  As I started feeling better I wasn’t as careful and re-injured my back 2 other times having too much fun.  I believe if I had left it, my low back would have gotten to be unbearable, not to mention I probably would have needed surgery.  Without chiropractic care I do not believe I would be able to maintain a very active lifestyle.  I like that chiropractic care is simple.  I like that Dr. Bullock not only helps with the healing process but also educates you on what is happening as your body heals.  Most of my concerns with chiropractic had been centered on my low back, but over the last year I have learned many more things chiropractic can benefit.  
                                                                            Ron H.

Digestive Problems Gone!!
I have previously seen chiropractors for back pain and found out I had some scoliosis.  Once moving back from Alabama for pharmacy school I began looking for a chiropractor to get my back and body into shape.  I was fortunate to hear about Bullock Family Chiropractic from a friend.  When I began Dr. Bullock’s office, my intent was to have my back and neck feel better.  What I have been overwhelmingly surprised with is the fact that I feel healthier as a whole.  For years I had been suffering from G.I. problems and I even had surgery, which did not seem to improve my symptoms.  After seeing several physicians and having several tests done, no one could find what was causing all of my symptoms.  My quality of life had even been decreasing from my G.I. problems. Once I came to Dr. Bullock, I can honestly say that all of my life altering problems were gone after a couple of months of care.  He explained how the area of my back that had the most problems was directly linked to my G.I. system.  After regular adjustments, my overall body completely changed for the better.  Chiropractic care has changed my health for the better.  I can now live free without pain because of my regular adjustments.  Without care I know I would be in much more pain and poorer health.  I benefit greatly from my chiropractic care because my back tends to hurt more easily as a result of my scoliosis.  I enjoy coming into a friendly office and receiving one on one care.  I recommend others to give chiropractic care a chance. Adjustments are not just for people with “bad backs”, some may be surprised at how much their life and health would improve.
                                                                             Stacey E.

High Blood Pressure Back to Normal!!
I was referred to Bullock Family Chiropractic by my wife.  When I first came in I had high blood pressure and I was having chronic headaches.  I am no longer taking my blood pressure medication and I don’t have headaches as often.  I feel chiropractic has helped me decrease my blood pressure naturally with no side effects and lessened my chance of heart disease.  I feel healthier being under chiropractic care.  My wife and I have seen the benefits of chiropractic care in our own lives and have recommended it to all our family and friends.  Since they have been under chiropractic care members of my family have seen improvements with sinus problems and neck pain.    
                                                                                   Billy T.
Improved Health and Fewer Aches!!
My wife said she was in super bad shape and needed to see Dr. Bullock.  She wanted me to come along. I had some aches also.  Well, my wife is doing better. She’s not quite a teenager again.  My aches are better but need more time.   Without chiropractic care I probably would have tried to live with it (my aches not my wife).  Hopefully I’ll get straightened out to where I won’t have to go so often. After so many years of aches it will take a little time.  I like Dr. Bullock he is for real and does help us both.  I recommend you don’t treat your body like I do but if you do Dr. Bullock can help you.  You feel better after a visit.  I can handle another day with my aches and my wife.
                                                                             Scott M.
Less Cranky!! Less Pain!!
I was referred to Bullock Family Chiropractic by my good friend Cameron Mills. I was in constant pain from a car accident and had constant headaches. It was so bad it was making it difficult to do daily activities. I feel so much better now, I have no pain and I have considerably less headaches! Without chiropractic care I feel like it would be hard for me to keep my active lifestyle. The best part about chiropractic care is me feeling better and being less cranky!
                                                                         Leland C.
Migraines Better!!
I was referred to Bullock Family Chiropractic because I was having really bad migraines.  Before I started getting adjusted I was missing work 1-2 days per week because of my headaches.  When I started getting adjusted my migraines started improving.   I haven’t had a migraine in over 4 months.  I can see chiropractic care helping me in the future because I just feel better.  The headaches are gone but I also don’t have pain in my neck and shoulders. 
                                                                                 Melissa W.

No Medications!!
I was referred to Bullock Family Chiropractic by my friends.  I was in constant back and neck pain.  I had numerous back surgeries and had been on countless experimental medications with little to no change.  I had been told that my pain was something I would have to live with.  It was so bad it was making it difficult to sleep at night.  I feel so much better now, I have no back and neck pain!  I am also able to have a full nights sleep with out medication!  Without chiropractic care I feel like it would be hard for me to sleep.  The best part about chiropractic care is me feeling better and being able to sleep with out medication!          
                                                                  Allison M.
Try It!!
I came to Bullock Family Chiropractic because I have tingling hands and feet.  Since starting, my life has been excellent because I have no tingling anymore.  I know I would be spending way too much money on medical bills without my regular adjustments.  I profit so much from my adjustments because know I can do everyday things with ease.  I love the atmosphere here and that it is so simple and yet rewarding.  I also like how regular adjustments are a natural alternative to medicine.  I recommend others to try getting adjusted because it really works.  My family and I are doing much better on a daily basis now that we are with Dr. Jacob.
                                                                       Melea B.

Sinus Problems Under Control!!
When I first came in to Bullock Family Chiropractic I was having seasonal allergies and sinus infections twice per year.  Since I have been getting adjusted I have noticed that I am sleeping better and I have not had any sinus infections.  I see myself benefiting from chiropractic care for the rest of my life so I will be healthier and feel better on a daily basis.  Since they have been under chiropractic care, members of my family have seen improvements with high blood pressure, knee problems, and neck pain. 
                                                                      Liz T.

Chiropractic Helped My Pregnancy!!
I was under chiropractic care during my second pregnancy and it really helped me.  I had almost no discomfort and a complication free delivery.  Your office is very friendly and genuinely concerned about my family.  I see my overall health increasing with chiropractic as well as my family’s health.  
                                                                             Darby W.

Enjoying Life Again!!
I was aware of some chronic problems with my neck that were getting worse with time.  My neck problem was also being aggravated by my job.  I am a lot happier now (freedom from pain does that.)  I am able to enjoy my job again.  I have been able to start riding horses again, which I had to stop because of the neck pain.  I enjoy being healthy and active.  There is so much I enjoy doing that requires strength and balance.  I am beginning to really appreciate a well-aligned spine as opposed to one that is not.
                                                                        Marcia B.

Sciatica Gone!!
I was referred to Bullock Family Chiropractic because I had very bad sciatica.  It was so bad I couldn’t even ride in a car for more than 20 minutes without a lot of pain.  When I would sit I had to prop a book under my leg to ease the pain.  My pain was eliminated after a few visits.  I have been pain free for months!  I had debilitating back pain that had been off and on for a long time.  Medications were a poor remedy for a long-term problem that has now been completely resolved with chiropractic.  Chiropractic has helped my shoulder, ribs, headaches, and back so I can see chiropractic helping me the rest of my life. 
                                                        Terry P.

My Body is Getting Back to Normal!!
I had been having migraines, neck pain, and decreased neck range of motion following a car accident over 25 years ago.  Since I have been getting adjusted I can twist my neck to get a full view when I back the car.  I can work bent over a drawing table for longer periods of time without getting a migraine.  I can look up and watch the stars or birds as long as I want to.  Before I had to just roll my eyes up to avoid getting a migraine.  I used to have to stretch my neck several times a day to prevent getting a migraine.  I can think more clearly because I am less distracted by pain.
 I have had shoulder pain and decreased range of motion for the past 26 years.  I can now reach things in my kitchen without pain both high and low.  I can sleep on my right side more often.  I can hold a dog that is pulling on the leash without having to let go in order to protect my shoulders.  I don’t have to soak in a hot tub everyday anymore.  The heat does not relieve the pain so much because there is not as much pain to relieve.
I have hip pain and decreased leg range of motion following a bad automobile accident 26 years ago.  I wasn’t able to walk for several weeks following the accident.  I can now walk 2 miles without stopping every few minutes to rest the fatigued muscles in my hip.  I can cross my legs without pain.  I don’t have to sleep with a number of pillows to take the pressure off my pelvis.  It hurts my hips less to reach down and tie my shoes.  I have decreased my pain medication from maximum amounts to zero or very low dose.  I had been on pain medications for the past 26 years and high doses of anti-inflammatories for the past 19 years
                                                            Jean B.

Wrist Pain Gone!!
I was referred to Bullock Family Chiropractic because I had a very sore wrist.  It was so bad I couldn’t even close a car door with it.  My pain was eliminated after a few visits.  Without chiropractic I would be using drugs to mask my pain. 
                                                               Darby W.