Hello, and welcome to Bullock Family Chiropractic.  My name is Dr. Jacob Bullock.  It is truly an honor and privilege to get the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones on your journey toward reaching your ultimate health potential.

Why am I a Chiropractor?

Like many people I did not Discover Chiropractic until I had been through the conventional medical system.  At the age of 12, I was developing unusual symptoms like: I got nauseated every time I walked in my school, went in certain stores, or when I rode in cars.  After they had done numerous tests and tried all sort of different drugs they came to the conclusions that they didn’t know what was causing my “Mysterious Illness,” but it would probably go away and if it didn’t I would have to just live with it. 

I felt disappointed and let down.  Much the same way I see many of our new patients.  They’ve been to doctor after doctor and they’ve been let down.  They don’t feel any emotional connection, any compassion, or any understanding of their situation.  Many have expressed to me that they feel like they are only a number, a diagnosis, a syndrome, or a disease.  I vow and pledge that this doesn’t happen in my office. 

Thankfully someone suggested Chiropractic to my parents.  We started driving one hour each way to go to the office of the Chiropractor they referred us to.  After doing a few simple tests he noticed that my lymph nodes were the size of golf balls and that my body was showing signs of being close to having cancer.  After he did some research he concluded that my illness was call “Sick Building Syndrome” or “Environmental Illness” which is cause by new building that are so air-tight that they don’t allow toxic vapors to escape, such as: glues from furniture and carpet, cleaning chemicals, paint, floor varnish, mold, along with a bunch of other random toxins.  He started adjusting my body so it could start functioning again and amazingly my symptoms started going away, my lymph nodes returned to their normal sizes, I became able to ride in cars again, and I was able to return to school.  I am extremely thankful that Chiropractic gave me my life back.  I wish I could say the same for other individuals that were experiencing the same symptoms that I had been.  They continued on with conventional medicine and most developed cancer in the next few years and some have already passed away from the cancer.

After a while of getting adjusted I began to notice some other changes in my health.  I didn’t notice them at first because the changes were often subtle or gradual.  The first thing I noticed is the headaches that I had everyday, all day, for as long as I could remember started being every few days for a few hours.  Then, that turned into every week or two for a few hours.  From there it turned into every once in a while, now I couldn’t tell you when my last headache was.  My knees, that have a torn meniscus on each side, stopped locking up and hurting once I started getting them adjusted.  My shoulder problems went away, my ears stopped ringing, I became healthier, the mental cloud that had always been there, went away, and activities and school became easier and more fun. 

After noticing these changes in myself and knowing numerous individuals also suffered with these same issues, it became my mission to help them also regain their lives and their health.  My goal is to make Chiropractic First instead of a last resort.


Why Kids and Families?

When my son was adjusted half an hour after he was born I fell in love with adjusting kids.  It is a real special moment to know that after the adjustment that child has 100% nerve flow; therefore, everything is functioning the way it needs to be.  He slept all night long from the 2nd night in the hospital.  He has never had colic, an ear infection, strep throat, or actually been sick in general.  He has never had a single drug or medication put into his body.
Many patients come to my office for one reason or another, without even a clue what Family Chiropractic is, much less how important it is that children receive Chiropractic care.  What I strive to do now, is to educate parents to let them make the best informed decision they can.  When one realizes the parent’s point of view and how they are bombarded with all kinds of health information, and misinformation, it’s no wonder they are confused.  It is so rewarding to see these children’s health blossom to levels their parent’s never dreamed could happen, through Family Chiropractic!

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from your experience at Bullock Family Chiropractic:
• The relationships I establish with patients and their families mean so much to me…I will not take it for granted.
• You can expect understanding and compassion from me as you and your family journey toward health and wellness.  Every one of us on this planet is different and unique and has the universal right to be appreciated and understood.  I take a lot of pride, and it’s a really big deal to me, that my patients feel that they can count on me, and I’ll always be in their corner.
• I will teach the Chiropractic truth, and how it relates to achieving your and your family’s ultimate health potential.
• I will stand up for you and your decision to participate in true Family Chiropractic care, and always be the Doctor you can count on. 

Our vision and lifelong goal is to bring true health to you, your family, our community and our world.  I want everyone to experience the magic of Chiropractic.  I am truly honored and privileged to be your Chiropractor.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jacob Bullock,  D.C.