What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Our Philosophy
The doctors here at the Upper Cervical Clinic represent a very small community within the healthcare profession today. What we offer to our patients is not only unique but, their care is specifically catered to each person. The Upper Cervical Clinic’s philosophy is based on a lifestyle change in every aspect of a persons’ life, not merely the management of disease. Today’s healthcare system has instilled fear into society making us think that the body needs some sort of assistance by the use of a man made chemical (medication). Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, everyone would probably agree that God created us and the God given intelligence within us is what keeps us alive. This intelligence performs millions of functions every second of our lives. For example, we have new blood every 120 days, a new liver every 6 weeks and a new stomach lining every 5 to 8 minutes! The infinite number of tasks that our bodies perform everyday will continue to happen regardless of what we think or say. But, it is what you DO to your body that keeps it from functioning at its optimum. Our everyday stressors and traumas cause the body to become SUBLUXATED therefore; the body becomes weak and unable to handle everyday stressors.

What Is Subluxation?
A SUBLUXATION is a weakened state that the body is in due to the misalignment of one of vertebrae in the upper most portion of the spine. When a patient asks us if we can help them with their diagnosed condition, we simply tell them, “if the problem came from the inside then, the cure must be from the inside as well.” The intelligence that we constantly refer to resides within the spine. If the spine is operating abnormally (subluxated) then, the body will begin to function abnormally as well. In time, sickness or disease will ensue. Many people approach us and say that they “just got sick” or “were just diagnosed.” “That it just happened all of the sudden.” That isn’t the case at all. All diseases or illnesses take time to develop. We have been brainwashed to think that it happened overnight. That just isn’t true. What had happened was that some sort of trauma occurred at one time of your life causing the body to become SUBLUXATED, and it took time for your body to become the way that it is. The body works something like this…

We all have a brain that is connected to the spine with something called your brainstem. From the brainstem the spinal cord is formed continuing down the spinal column. Exiting the spinal column are small nerves that are attached to glands. The gland's main function is to produce cells. We have cells in our bones, muscles, organs, blood, etc.

Brainstem » Nerves » Glands » Cells

If the spine is SUBLUXATED, then the messages from your brain to your body are altered and in time one or several bodily functions will begin to operate abnormally. This will cause the body to become sick and diseased. Now, our question to you is, how will medication correct the SUBLUXATION? MEDICINE CANNOT CORRECT YOUR SUBLUXATION! CHIROPRACTORS ARE THE ONLY HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS TRAINED TO CORRECT THE SUBLUXATION. This is why we cannot stress enough about having your entire family checked for SUBLUXATION.

Why would one wait to develop into a symptom? Doesn’t it just make sense to have your body working at its maximum potential? Imagine that your spine is free of any interference and that your brain is communicating perfectly with your body. What happens is your immune system is at its optimum, your thoughts are clearer, you’re performing at your best, and your body is experiencing life the way it was intended… SUBLUXATION FREE!

Do I Need An Adjustment?
That question is the hardest for us to get across to our patients. We use an instrument along your spine to help us identify if you are experiencing any neurologic problems. If our scanning instruments identify any nerve irritation then, several x-rays are needed to allow us to locate the problem within your spinal column (subluxation). Once we explain how the spine is weak due to the Subluxation, an Upper Cervical adjustment is then rendered. Immediately after the adjustment, you are then required to lay down in one of our quiet resting rooms. This allows the spine to begin to “hold” the adjustment. After a brief rest, we will get you up and scan your spine once again to ensure an adjustment was made. You will always get a read out of how your spine looked before and after an adjustment. All of this can occur without the doctors knowing what you are suffering from or what illness/disease you may be experiencing. Here at the clinic, we never base our care for you and your family on symptoms. Patients here at the clinic learn that one of life’s most important gifts is to hold an adjustment. After all, the power that made the body, heals that body.